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A turning point in history

Creation of Blendtec was with the advent of innovations that turned the common mixer into what we call today Smart Blender.

It all started with Tom Dickson who pioneered the science of smart blending by giving technique, shape and direction to how ice could be blended with frozen ingredients into the modern smoothie.

Such an event became the turning point to the modern smoothie, juice and foodservice industry, as we know it. The modern smart blending industry is not a competitor, it is an emulator of Blendtec’s history of creations.

Rewarding Innovations

Creating Leading First in Blending Technology

A World’s First List

  1. 1991: World’s 1st electronically controlled blenders, making the power tune up to 13/15 amps using bigger motors.
  2. 1991: World’s 1st Square Jars (that lessened blending time to quarter), patented with Winglet blade design; Stackable to save counterspace.
  3. 1994: World’s 1st Pre programmed blending cycles (handsfree), introduced. World’s 1st In-Counter blenders from table top.
  4. 1996: World’s 1st Sound Enclosure fitted as part of the blender, to promote ambience in cafes.

The Smart Blender

Blendtec Innovations

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