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Blendtec in India was launched by AGNISWAN INV establishment with prompt after sales service, in 2004. Since then over 4000 blenders and accessories have been sold to commercial businesses and counting everyday, residences across Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Chandigarh, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kolkata, Kochi.

Uncompromised world class food Quality and nutrition, is the cornerstone of each Blendtec ownership, as well as the cherished value, that is simply a dream for the outsiders of this exclusive club.

In 2020, we have brought through Mansion Avenue our e-commerce site, hundreds of new BLENDTEC India Owners the latest and preferred styles of blenders. They are all experiencing what you desire. Come, and join the Blendtec India Club Today with Mansion Avenue.