Frozen Fruit Double Smoothie

Frozen Fruit Smoothies with Ice are tough to blend in seconds. They take minutes, by the time the drink is slushy and runny. If the portions are well planned, Blendtec’s Wildside Jar with Smoothie Cycle is able to make a Real Frozen Smoothie the way it is meant to be, as a thick cream that can be sipped with a straw, in seconds. For a Commercial Smoothie Bar, this also means three to four times higher sales per hour of the finest beverage in the market. The Smoothie Automatic Cycle assures the drink will come out consistent each time. No plungers, no manual intervention that causes different results each time. The smoothie was made using Connoisseur 825 set in-counter at our Test Kitchen.

While our competition needs many minutes, one hand to keep pushing ingredients into blade, and other hand to change speeds and are stuck to their blender throughout, we are able to do better, faster, with just a finger’s touch.

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