Modern Commercial Blending is Technique not Labour Driven. Embrace Future.

Imagine you have a hundred outlets with same menu, but different people at different outlets in different places. They speak different languages, work differently and each has their own way of doing things. For chains to drive out consistent quality products across multiple outlets, they need a system that takes up the technique from the operator as per the best practices planned by the central planning director.

After all, what is different between all the people, is their technique. Even if you train them, there will always be a measure of difference, from small to wide. Well between 100s of outlets, the inconsistency will be glaring. One day a perfect product, next time slightly runny, a third time too sweet, and the fourth time a bit too icy.

Commercial Blending and Food Processing Needs Standardized Technique.

Manual Interventions is the Mother of Inconsistency

When commercial blenders need manual intervention, the technique is personalized. All that training can only work in test conditions. In real stress test, things happen as per the need of the hour. There can be many more orders in an hour than anticipated, and to deliver those orders, mistakes are made. The staff can be stressed for time, or needs to bill, clean the jar put the order together. It would take a savvy, well trained, person with years of practice to meet such a challenge consistently.

The modern restaurant attrition rate is high. Which means the staff you trained six months ago may not be here today or tomorrow, taking along with them the training as you get to train another recruit. Will the new person meet the need and do it right ?

Where Blenders need Plungers, they need technique to get the perfect product out. Living with manual intervention is living with inconsistency, with training, and dealing with it. Seriously, have you ever blended tough ingredients?

The manual blending needs manual speed control, based on personalized feel, and one hand is on plunger pushing ingredients into the blade. Your body eyes is on the product, left hand on speed, and right hand on plunger. Often the prep person needs to stop, open the lid, check for chunks and redo the blend if something is left out.

Maybe you can get a blender that is smart-engineered to automate the technique.

What would you pay if the above problem of manual intervention, training, and inconsistency could be replaced with instead,

  1. Blending in half the time.
  2. Each time same result.
  3. Regardless of who came in today.
  4. Maybe your top barista is off duty, how about the support person making the same drink same result?
  5. Should your business depend more on people, or people depend on your business?
  6. What if the blender can have features that do the work of the plunger, automatically by controlling the beverage on top to e be sucked into the blade and blended product swirling upto the top?
  7. What if your blender could think about the right speed and right time and blend it all out without the need to touch it?
  8. What if in that period your staff member (instead of their minds in blending), walk up to your customers (as the blend happens) and suggest them to go with a perfect accompaniment with the drink? or
  9. If they walk up to them, and ask how are they doing and do they visit often. Offer them a coupon of discount for next time.
  10. They can only do this if they are free from labour work.

Automatic Plungerless Blenders!

The Future is Automatic and Handsfree

A Part of the Future is Brand and Product Extension.

Now you have a brand, franchises, and great menu in beverages. The next step is not just Automatic, it is Self-Served, or instant readiness of freshly blended beverages by the machine itself. Consider satellite outlets with two to six machines, maybe at your back bench with product display. You press the level and a freshly blended smoothie is served in seconds to hand over to customers. No jar, no cleaning, no coolers, no ice.

Where can we have our brand presence?

  1. Fast Food and Street Food Stores.
  2. Luxury destination food displays and cafes.
  3. Buffet.
  4. Gym, Spa, Yoga and Fitness Centers.
  5. Theatres, Cinema Halls Concession.
  6. Corporate Offices Beverage Stations.
  7. Airport and Public Spaces with Self Service.
  8. Any place you cant have wet service and need dry dispensing.
  9. Food Stalls, Expos (pre-blend, keep and serve)..bill don’t labour.
  10. Hospitals, Healthcare Clinics.
  11. Schools, Colleges, and other Educational institutions.
  12. Children’s Creche
  13. Departmental Stores.
  14. Showrooms of Cars.
  15. Luxury Services and Product Showrooms.

Offering healthy and freshly made option, that is untouched by intermediates and served today will be appreciated and accepted.

Your Brand’s Visibility.

Small kiosks and self serve also serve as brand recall and advertisement. Technology creates the perception of your investment as a powerful brand in contemporary standards. Your access is easier, and faster to more customers. Rental space and square footage is tiny to the impact and revenues.

Automatic Dispensers and Self Service



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Embracing the Future.

We know a lot of us are used to the old school method of labor intensive service. But after 2020 June, this has ended. This is the time to embrace technology, embrace automation, and become more self sufficient as much as possible. To build in techniques that can be easily oriented to new staff, and where staff can make more drinks by running more machines without need to stand on one.

The future is now. How we are setup, either as IBM (that closed) or as Apple, that saw it, embraced it and leads it. Apple Smoothie?

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