This immune booster is powerful than vitamin tablets and anti-aging

If you start today on fruit extract and blend diet today, your body and health will begin to change to fortification. A short cut of vitamin tablets was yesterday a secondary solution as preventive measure. Today, we need to be sure if we are not just wasting our money and health on something of little or no real value to our health.

Healthline Writes: “Multivitamins are not a ticket to optimal health. In fact, the evidence that they improve health for most people is weak and inconsistent. In some cases, they may even cause harm. If you have a nutrient deficiency, it’s best to supplement with that specific nutrient. Multivitamins pack many nutrients, most of which you don’t need. Additionally, you shouldn’t take a multivitamin to fix a poor diet. Eating a balanced diet of fresh, whole foods is much more likely to ensure good health over the long term.”

Digestion is poor for Elderly and Babies

We know that it’s not the nutrients we eat, but out of that we digest that goes to support our immune system and recondition our aging cells. The result of loss of nutrients is faster degeneration and aging as well as diseases that can become chronic. The positive side is it is possible to reverse the degeneration process by increasing our ability to digest nutrients better from what we eat. Yet even more important is to start eating foods full of nutrients, such as raw foods.

God Made Food the Way God Intended

God made raw food and human made cooking, then included spices, marinades, sugars, salts, herbs, tenderizers. Fruits and vegetables can be eaten raw when they are ripe. They are as God intended, full of taste, vitamins and nutrients, hydration, and our bodies know them. Their nutrients are organic made of the same stuff without processing in a factory, as our body is, the synergy is great. They are absorbed into our body. So our foods are at their very best in uncooked ripe form, made for the human body.

Blendtec lets us begin changing our life back.

Let the Body Heal itself

There are so many half truths (full lies) that are propaganda that make us think how our body is to be worked at. As if it is a mindless lump of clay that is calorie in calorie out. There are half truths that yes if we work out, the joints and muscle get better, body produces HGH and cardio helps in placing stress on the system, increase blood flow. Correct? But these are maintenance systems not healing. Activities are to maintain the body’s flexibility and give it constant test drive! It will not truly change a toxins filled body of processed synthetic vitamins or artificial nutrients or heal. The sure sign of bad unhealthy body, is fat. Fat accumulation is also showing us, the body is not liking some or many foods we eat. It is ‘not absorbing them’ or is able to digest them, and converting it into fat.

Why Fat for Unhealthy Foods?

The body is intelligent. It knows energy our of fats is the purest form that it can get. So if our food is unhealthy the body has made up its mind, that as you keep eating unhealthy food, it needs to move into a system of turning into fats so it can get clean energy from there. The more we eat unhealthy food, the more fat body accumulates. However fats have their own issue. While they offer a clean fuel to the body, they are unhealthy in long run as they grow inside pushing and squeezing organs out of their place, seeping toxins into them overall lowering organ’s fitness. Therefore making stored body-fat as a permanent source of fuel is not right minded.

Promising your Body Health Now

So forget all those mechanics of calculations of calories, running around, the first step is to change our diet. It is really simple. To move into more and move uncooked ripe food diet in vegetables and fruits. Of Course have a full course meal and talk to your nutritionist. Yet, adding a high dose of healthy farm grown, pure, ripe produce will go a long way towards the promise and making your body reverse its system to feed energy without turning into fat. Then do the maintenance (workout). It is the time to select our food source much more carefully without trusting everyone that they are using for you the best ingredients for your body (not tongue). Preparing highly nutritious food is time consuming.

The Immunity booster as Nature Intended

As we age, our digestive system efficiency reduces. Whatever we eat, there is a high loss of good nutrients. Imagine, if you had a basket of 15 fruits. You eat five and throw away ten. And each time you pay for fifteen.

What Blendtec does is it blends, not chews the fruits and vegetables with its juices into a cream, reducing it to the finest broken cell which the body finds easy to digest, quickly with hydration. This also does not place a lot of stress on our digestive system to work hard (which it is inefficient at).

Fruits today cost a lot less than vitamin tablets (that may cost at an average of Rs. 600 to Rs. 3000) per box of 30-60 tablets. The grown food energy is easily converted while the vitamin, so small may actually not just get dissolved and extracted at all by an inefficient digestive system! Therefore once we are over (40) forty, just switching to eating grown and best-blended food will keep our immune strength as we are in 20s and 30s. It is great to shield from new viruses. By now we all know the people with best immune system don’t even know when Coronavirus COVID19 affected them and went away, while those with compromised immune system have a higher mortality rate.

If we must choose between tablets and best-blended fruits and vegetables, the former (produce) wins hands down.

Move to healthy life today? Shall we begin?

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